They're all freshmen, and they share apartments. They also can't stand each other! Here are some brief profiles of the Roomies. For a more thorough, detailed, and definitely spoilerish look at the characters, check the awesome Wikipedia CRFH Cast Guide. Or maybe you should let the Roomies tell you all about it in this Interview with the Roommate.


Mike Green
Michael Redford Green isn't a petty bully or simple thug; he's an artist of misery and manipulation, and he's damn proud of it. Mike knows people's weaknesses and the perfect way to use them to his advantage. He can be impulsive when the mood strikes him, but that's okay since he doesn't really care about the consequences anyway. Though he'd never admit it, Mike's not the sociopath he appears to be; he has a habit of crying during sad movies and he posesses his own moral code, which is mostly governed by the loyalty he owes to the people he loves, particularly Marsha and his mischievious sister Blue. Whether the other Roomies are included remains to be seen.


Roger Pepitone
Everyone assumes Roger is weird. Roger is merely responding to the world on its own terms using the power of irrational logic. It’s difficult at any time to guess what Roger knows, and easy to underestimate him. He has a knack for uttering key insights - and random nonsense. Very attached to his pet rock Fluffy, his plushie toy coyote Pepe - and his girlfriend Diana.


Dave Jones
Whether he's having a bad hair day, his grades are falling, or somebody is out to kill him, Dave stands firm and handles all situations by sobbing in the corner. Dave realizes that the world is out to get him and there is very little that he can do about it. His two roomates are Mike and Roger, who do very little to ease Dave's troubled life; therefore, his only sources of consolation left are his loving cat Chester and his unhealthy romantic obsession with Margaret, who by the way has shown little care in return. Why, God? Why? *whimper*


Blue Green
Mike's evil little sister. Manipulative and cunning. Perhaps a little too impulsive. She's hopelessly in love with Dave and determined to win his heart. Even if he usually flees in terror.


Marsha Hart
Highly attractive and well aware of it, Marsha can usually get what she wants via her pretty face. This lax stance toward manipulation made her the perfect girl for Mike. Usually pleasant enough to be around, but prone to violence over issues of the heart. She can't seem to cook anything that isn't inedible at best, toxic at worst; considering her family background in the culinary arts, she's determined to improve that track record no matter how many people she poisons along the way.


April Sommers
Blonde bombshell - in the sense of being explosive. Seemingly the normal Roomie, April came to college to spend time in the ‘real’ world with ‘real’ people. A work in progress, she’s still trying to chart the boundaries of her identity and her desires. Capable of mood swings on a bungee cord - can be hazardous to innocent and not so innocent bystanders alike. Until April finds some balance, life around her is going to be interesting.


Margaret B. Browning
Probably the most appropriately named Roomie, Margaret has quite a collection of machine guns-as well as shotguns, grenades, pistols, assorted rifles and just about every other destructive device short of a Hydrogen bomb (and she just might have one of those too). Margaret has the attitude to accompany her collection: she's a survivalist, a ruthless individualist who doesn't want any help and who isn't particuarly inclined to give aid to others either. At least that's what she wants us to believe. The truth about Margaret's feelings are hard to determine, since she guards her thoughts jealously. She's a perfectionist who expects-and gets-the best grades of all the Roomies, and she sees schoolwork, like almost everything else in life, as a competition, everyone for themselves.


She's as beautiful as an angel, and mischivious as a faerie, this red-haired lass has been mistaken at times for the Transvestite Stalker who's said to lurk on-campus, and somehow has fallen for Roger, and he for her. She prefers dogs to cats, which suits Roger just fine...